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Leasing Information

  • Application Fee - $30.00

  • Qualifications - Prospective residents must make (net) at least 3.5 times the monthly rent, have acceptable credit history, have acceptable work and rental histories for one year, and not be convicted of certain crimes. No more than two adults are allowed per apartment.

  • Leases - All are for six months and continue month-to-month thereafter, except where noted.

  • Security Deposits - Vary depending on the apartment. Occasionally a resident will be required to deposit more due to poor credit. Upon move out, we withhold $75 from the security deposit refund for carpet cleaning.

  • Late Fee - $20 after the 5th plus $2 per day up to a total of $50 (Except Courtyard Apartments in Gatesville, which is: $25 after the 5th plus $1 per day up to a total of $40).

  • Repair Orders - We believe in getting them done as soon as possible, usually within one business day. For emergencies that truly affect safety, health or welfare.

  • Military Orders - Military residents will be released from their 6-month lease if they bring in a copy of their orders. We do not release for post housing.

  • Pets - Absolutely no dogs (except in a very few units); cats with a $150 non-refundable fee each. Birds and fish are ok without a fee. Reptiles are not allowed.

  • Texas Apartment Association - We are members of this association and use their approved lease forms.

  • Office Hours - Copperas Cove Office: (108 W. Avenue F) 1-5pm Monday through Friday (or by appointment).

    Gatesville Office: (2504A E. Main Street) by appointment only.

  • Pest Control - Done quarterly.

  • Satellite Dishes are allowed only in specific locations.