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Rules and Regulations

  • Moving In
    Be sure you turn in your inspection sheet. Otherwise you may be held responsible for previous damage.
  • Repairs & Maintenance
    Report all service call requests to the office as soon as possible. We try to take care of them as soon as possible, but we do not promise round-the-clock service. Residents that call outside service personnel are responsible for the bill without prior approval of the owner or manager.

    • Refrigerator - If it stops cooling, take precautions to keep your food cold until we can get it repaired. Use an ice chest or a neighbor's refrigerator. We are not responsible for spoiled food.
    • AC Filter - Change every month.
    • Toilet - Keep a plunger on hand to unstop the toilet when necessary.
    • Disposal - No bones/metal. Know where the reset button is.
    • Washer/Dryer - (if applicable) Know how to use properly. Use at your own risk. We are not responsible for damage to your clothes.
    • Ice - Take extra precautions in inclement weather to prevent falls.
    • Residents' Responsibilities - You will be charged for a service call if the maintenance problem is caused by your neglect (such as a stopped up toilet or disposal).

  • No Pets
    Your lease states that no pets are allowed in your apartment without the written consent of the manager. If you are found to be in violation of this lease condition, you will be charged a fee of $100 and be charged $10 per day until the pet is removed. Cats are usually allowed, but dogs are not except in very few apartments.
  • Spraying for Bugs
    Your unit will be exterminated quarterly by professional exterminators. Notification will be given two days in advance.
  • Renters' Insurance
    Renters' insurance is required. Our property insurance does not protect, and we are not liable for your personal property in case of fire, etc. In fact, without renters' insurance you may be held liable for our property if you caused a fire.

  • Fire Protection
    We are very concerned about the safety of our residents. Fire can destroy your personal belongings and endanger your life. We hope that you take precautions to prevent fires. Most fires are caused by hot grease on the kitchen stove. Never pour water on a grease fire because this will cause the fire to scatter and spread. Use baking soda or flour to smother the flames. Do not attempt to remove a flaming pot or pan from the stove because you may easily spill the contents causing severe burns. Be sure to replace smoke detector batteries as needed.

  • Conduct
    Loud music and obnoxious behavior are prohibited. Our goal is to provide a pleasant and comfortable living experience for our residents.

  • Locks & Keys
    Your locks may be rekeyed if you are willing to pay for it in advance. We recommend that you leave an extra key with a friend or neighbor.

  • Children
    Watch them closely when they are outside and keep them out of the parking lot. Drive responsibly in the parking lot.

  • Security
    Report any suspicious-looking person or stranger to the owner or manager. Keep your doors and windows locked.

  • Outside
    Only certain items may be kept outside your apartment without the written consent of the manager. Check if you are unsure which items are acceptable. Keep toys and trash picked up. No maintenance or washing of vehicles is permitted. No barbeque grills are allowed on the patios.

  • Pay Your Rent on Time
    The rent is due on the first and a late fee will be charged if not paid by the fifth. Payments must be made by check or money order (no cash).

  • If You Don't Pay Your Rent
    1. Late fee after the fifth of the month.
    2. Landlord's Lien - We can enter your apartment and seize luxury items such as TV's, stereos, cameras, and VCR's.
    3. Lockout - We can change your locks.
    4. Eviction Notice - If all else fails, we can give you a notice to pay or move out. If you do move out, you are still liable for the rent.

  • Moving Out Policy
    To receive a security deposit refund and not be charged a reletting fee, you must: (1) Give a 30-day written notice and (2) Have stayed for the initial lease period. Please observe the following guidelines when moving out:
    1. Pick up a list of cleaning procedures and list of cleaning/damage charge from the office.
    2. Under no circumstances will the security deposit be applied to the last month's rent.
    3. Checkouts made during normal business hours only.
    4. Rent continues until all keys are turned in.
    5. All refunds will be made by mail only within 30 days.

  • Emergencies
    For emergencies call 911 (Fire, Police, Ambulance, Sheriff).